Hey there,

I'm Lauwrentius Margetan, a full-stack developer based in Seattle. Feel free to look around some of my latest work and get in touch.

Latest Work


Searchable and comparable patient satisfaction survey (HCAHPS) for all hsopitals in the in the United States.


Interactive Video

Interactive tools for videos which allows users to navigates through different video (choose your adventure).


Item Catalog

Web Application that provides a list of items on a number of categories. Allows user registration and authentication system for to post, edit and delete their own items.


VMG Scheduling

Internal productivity tools for tracking workload of each team member on a weekly basis.


About Me

I've been working in the industry as a Web Developer / Motion Designer for more than 8 years. Worked on projects ranging from building custom theme Wordpress sites to developing single-page application on cloud computing platform. Love the intersection between dev and design. An avid learner and keen to explore new technology.

Tools of the Trade

Languages: HTML, CSS(Sass), JavaScript, PHP, Python, Pug

Frameworks: React, React Native, Angular, FLASK, Bootstrap, BULMA, SLIM, Knockout

Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

Libraries: Redux, SQLAlchemy, jQuery, D3, Videojs, Underscore

Platform: Google Firebase, AWS, Azure

Tools: Git, NPM, Gulp, Webpack, Atom, Codekit, Adobe Creative Suite, Cinema 4D

Other: REST API, JSON, Wordpress, OAuth2.

Get in Contact

Thanks for checking in, drop me a line below.